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Our Competencies

Better Processes. Better Technologies. Better Results.

We have extensive experience and expertise in helping companies define, implement and optimize their innovation, new product development (NPD), virtual product development (VPD), digital transformation and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) strategies, practices, processes and technologies.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

We assist companies to find, implement and operate the best PLM solution for their business needs.

New Product Development (NPD)

We work with companies to improve the way they bring better products from concept to customer faster.

Virtual Product Development (VPD) & Digital Twin

We help companies to reduce product development efforts, costs and time with virtual design, simulation, prototyping, manufacturing and maintenance.


We lead companies to revolutionize the way they create disruptive ideas and bring breakthrough products to market.

Digital Transformation

We help companies to completely digitally transform their new product development and innovation processes and systems.

PLM & NPD Resources

We connect the best companies in the world with highly skilled PLM and NPD professionals.

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