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“Innovate or Die!”*

Innovation and new product development are essential for most companies to sustain future revenue growth and, ultimately, to survive. Customers demand more new products in shorter time intervals, often customized to their own needs. They want more attractive designs, better performance, better quality, lower prices, and instant availability. And if a company can’t deliver, its competition surely will. The path to corporate oblivion is plastered with companies that rested on their laurels and failed to innovate and stay ahead.

But innovation is more than just coming up with a few new and creative ideas every once in a while. Left up to chance innovation is like a flower without water; it blooms and looks pretty for some time but then quickly wilts away. True and successful innovation is complex and has to be purposefully planned and carefully executed. It demands a solid strategy and a methodical approach to be sustainable and repeatable. And it spans across two major and distinct phases, each with clearly defined processes, tasks, deliverables, resources and tools: The front-end of innovation or ideation phase, where ideas are born, managed, evaluated and selected, and the execution phase, where ideas are transformed into reality and commercialized.

Our advisors have worked with and helped dozens of companies, including some of the most innovative companies in the world, to develop a sustainable innovation strategy and create the right environment for growth and prosperity through a methodical, repeatable and sustainable approach to innovation.

Innovation Diagnostic

The Innovation Diagnostic will take a detailed look at your company’s innovation objectives, strategy, culture, organization and results and provide you with a detailed diagnosis of your company’s overall innovation performance compared with best-in-class and other, similar companies in your industry.

*) “Innovate or Die” is a quote often attributed to Tom Peters, an American writer on business management best known for his book “In Search of Excellence”.

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