PLMadvisors Launches PLM Self-Assessment

PLMadvisors Launches Comprehensive PLM Self-Assessment

The PLM Self-Assessment provides a powerful and easy way to get a realistic understanding of a company’s maturity in PLM.

Mission Viejo, CA – June 18, 2015 – PLMadvisors, a global consulting firm specializing in innovation, new product development (NPD) and product lifecycle management (PLM) today announced the launch and immediate availability of a comprehensive PLM Self-Assessment for companies in all industries.

The PLM Self-Assessment allows companies to determine the maturity of PLM in their organization overall and in the four areas Foundational Capabilities, Extended Capabilities, Integration Capabilities and Strategic Capabilities of the PLMadvisors PLM Framework. The result includes the absolute maturity of the company completing the assessment as well as the average score of all companies that have completed the assessment. The self-assessment is initially offered free of charge.

“This PLM Self-Assessment is a powerful and easy way to get a quick and realistic understanding of the current maturity of PLM in your company and see how your company is doing compared with others” says Andreas Lindenthal, Managing Partner and Lead Consultant at PLMadvisors. “It is also a great start to understand the gap to best practices and to identify specific areas for future improvement. I am confident that it will contribute to improving the maturity of PLM at individual companies as well as across all industries by creating awareness of the tremendous potential of PLM and a motivation to better utilize it.”

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PLMadvisors is a global consulting firm specializing in innovation, new product development (NPD) and product lifecycle management (PLM).

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