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PLM Implementation White Paper

10 Best Practices for Successful PLM Implementations

Who hasn’t heard stories about nightmarish PLM implementation projects that experienced unforeseen problems and went way over schedule and budget? Some of these stories have even gone public, like the projects at Airbus and Ericsson. And there are many more that nobody other than the people who were involved know about. I mean, who wants to broadcast a failure? But wouldn’t it be great to understand what went wrong in these projects and what you can do to avoid the problems these companies went through and ensure a successful outcome of the PLM project at your company?

Having gone through dozens of PLM implementations in various roles, including program and project manager, process consultant, business and solution architect, PLM advisor and subject matter expert, as well as key user and also talking with colleagues in the PLM industry who have implemented PLM I have learned many valuable lessons from the successful implementations, but also from a myriad of problems, obstacles, challenges and issues encountered during the various projects.

The 10 best practices described herein are what I wished I had known before starting each project and I recommend following to ensure a successful PLM implementation. These practices are not listed in order of importance or priority, and some will be more important in certain projects than others. I have tried to indicate for each of the practices in what instance they may be of particular importance…

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