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Reduce Time, Effort and Costs with Our Proven PLM Evaluation and Implementation Tools

You want to evaluate and implement PLM without the help of external consultants? Or you want to do some investigation and preparation before engaging an outside party? We get it.

With the proven tools we created for our clients and have been using in hundreds of successful PLM evaluation and implementation projects, you can still take advantage of the experience, expertise and knowledge of PLMadvisors.

With our tools you can start with a solid foundation, you don’t have to completely reinvent the wheel and you will save hundreds of hours in time and effort and potentially tens of thousands of dollars in costs.

PLM Requirements Specification

Defining a PLM specification with detailed, business relevant, selective and measurable requirements is critical to ensure the selection and subsequent implementation of the best PLM solution for your business needs.

Our electronic PLM requirements specification with over 1,200 functional PLM requirements is a key element in enabling you to efficiently define a PLM solution that is tailored exactly to your company’s needs.

PLM RFP Template

Our PLM RFP Template is a comprehensive, practically proven and almost ready-to-go request for proposal (RFP) document for PLM systems and implementation services. 

The template has been successfully used for dozens of PLM evaluations. It includes all important elements for a PLM system and services evaluation and selection with detailed instructions for vendors what specific information and activities are being requested.

The Word document will allow you to create a company-specific RFP in minutes and tailor it to your specific needs. 

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